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Transportation Authority Management

You Can Rely On The Experienced Kiessling Team To Meet All Your Transit Management Needs

Any transportation industry veteran would tell you that providing public transportation services isn’t an easy task.

Many companies have a very difficult time keeping experienced and reliable transit management teams on board for the long-term, which ultimately causes big headaches for transit administrators. However, when you have a consistent, knowledgeable transit management team in place, your operations should feel like a well-oiled machine.

If you want to stop the revolving door of management teams that have been coming in and out of your organization, then the leadership and operations team at Kiessling Transit Inc. are ready to help. We have become the go-to transit management company in Massachusetts, and beyond, precisely because we offer companies like yours the highest retention rate for managers in the area. At the top of our organization, we have longtime employees who have worked for our company, collectively, for over 200 years and these professionals have even more years in combined transportation experience.

Spearheading this legacy of stability and dependability are the company’s owners, Lars and Roger Kiessling, who are the sons of the company’s co-founders, Carl and Paula Kiessling. The two brothers have followed in their parents’ footsteps in taking an extremely proactive and hands-on approach to management.

If you entrust Kiessling with the responsibility of day-to-day management of either your Fixed Route or Demand Response transit services, or both, you can be confident that Lars and Roger will stay very involved in the operations. They will always be ready with a quick answer to any question or concern. Plus, they can pretty much jump in and take care of any job that needs to get done because they’ve both come up through the ranks of Kiessling, driving trucks, changing tires, checking oil, and more.

Our Transit Management Philosophy

Since Kiessling Transit was founded in 1970, our mission has remained constant:

We will provide our partners with a focused, attentive, hands-on operation that will make all your services, from fixed route to demand response to shuttle services, a benchmark model for the entire transportation industry.

There are several steps that we will take to ensure your operations run smoothly at all times:

Step 1: Staffing

When you select Kiessling for your transit management partner, you are choosing to work with personnel who will provide you, your employees, and your passengers with unparalleled dedication to your business. In addition, you can be certain that your Kiessling on-site management staff will have, as individuals and collectively as a team, expansive industry experience and knowledge.

Depending on your specific transit management needs, the team we design for you may include:

Project Manager

General Manager

Assistant GM

Operations Manager

Safety Operations Manager



Road Supervisors



Beyond your on-site management team, you will receive constant support, from the start of our relationship and ongoing, for business infrastructure, administration, finance/controller, and training via Kiessling’s corporate specialists.

Based on a wide variety of experiences managing transit solutions for transportation companies like yours, we believe that keeping the majority of your existing staff and drivers in their current job positions will result in the most successful transition. This consistency is very beneficial for morale and can limit any operational issues that might occur during the changeover to our management and staffing team. However, we will always take your advice on the employment strategy you want to pursue. No matter whether it’s long-time employees of your company or new ones that we hire, or a combination of the two, our team will carefully evaluate each one to ensure that they will continue to meet the high professional standards of your company as well as those of Kiessling.

Step II: Operations Planning

Every partner we work with and each project we undertake is unique. At Kiessling, we do not have a one-size-fits-all plan for operations. Instead, we will thoroughly review all aspects of your project and base our proposed plan on this information.

We want to be very clear that the initial proposal is just that – our first blueprint for what we think you will need in terms of management and staffing. We are committed to having a final operations plan that is the result of a collaboration between your company and our team of transportation management experts. As you work with Kiessling, we are confident that you will find our approach during this phase of the relationship truly differentiates us from other companies:

We strongly welcome any feedback you provide.

We are dedicated to responding with even better solutions for your specific needs should a question or concern arise about our proposed staffing levels.

We are always willing to revise our recommendations based on what you feel is required.

We take pride in making sure that every project we are involved in achieves the highest quality operations.

For Kiessling, developing a new transit management proposal is always an enormous opportunity to detect where there may be an opening to streamline a customer’s process and services. “Effective Efficiency” is what we are always trying to uncover. The areas that we always assess, and may offer a plan for improvement, include:

Daily Management

Hiring and Training

Scheduling and Dispatching

Vehicles and Drivers

Road Supervisors

Customer Relations

Financial Management

Labor Relations Management

Driver Quality Control

Any Other Special Requirements

Step III: Implementing Kiessling’s Industry Leading Programs

Once you have approved the proposed staff and operations plan, it’s time for us to go to work for you. Quickly, but with attention to the details, we will implement the transit management procedures that we’ve created, refined and perfected over the past 48 years of doing business, all of which were designed to meet the highest service standards in the industry. Plus, we will apply our strict internal monitoring procedures to all operations to ensure these standards are being met by every employee on the team.

You can have peace of mind, too, knowing that there will always be a manager on duty during your peak service hours as well as a manager on call before and after hours to handle any issues that arise. The on-site management team will hold weekly meetings with support staff to keep communication lines open, to discuss details of the day-to-day operations, and to address any concerns quickly and effectively.

In addition, Kiessling utilizes HBSS transportation software and MDTs to track drivers and other personnel. This constant monitoring provides our clients and our team with critical data about daily operations, including passenger trip counts, trip efficiency, on time performance, vehicle miles and hours (both revenue and non-revenue), and NTD reporting.

As you can see, we are very committed to not only having a smooth kickoff at the beginning of our relationship with you, but also providing a continued level of high-quality service, each and every day, throughout the contract.

Step IV: Hiring & Training Employees As Needed

This is yet another area of transit management where Kiessling sets itself apart from any other transportation management company. We are industry experts at hiring top quality new employees and training them for success within your company and ours. Utilizing all the advantages that modern technology provides, and having a comprehensive and systematic strategy in place, helps us attract and retain excellent candidates for all levels of your transit system.

With over four decades of experience hiring, training, and retaining the best transit management staff for transportation companies of all sizes, Kiessling recognizes that educating employees is perhaps the most essential step to ensuring safe operations. Equipped with a thorough understanding of their job responsibilities and the company’s expectations in regards to professionalism, employees are highly likely to always make the right decisions once operating independently in the field.

The Kiessling Transit team can successfully operate all aspects of your transportation system

From employee hiring and training, to maintaining a fleet of vehicles, to driver tracking and dispatching, to claims reporting and oversight, Kiessling Transit has a proven track record of providing reliable, professional and courteous transit management services. If you’re looking for consistency and longevity in your next transit management partnership, then contact Kiessling today to discuss all your Transit Management needs. Our entire team is eager to put our transportation experience to work for you.

Everything We Do Is Driven By You.