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Non-Emergency Transportation & Human Services Transportation

We Provide Safe, Efficient, and Comfortable Transport for All Individuals Entrusted to Our Care

Since 1970, Kiessling Transit has been a leader in the Massachusetts transportation industry in providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective public transportation. While we have successfully applied our energy, skill and expertise to many different types of transit services and programs, Non-Emergency and Human Services Transportation (HST) is our largest service type, and thus one that we are especially experienced in providing.

In Massachusetts, the responsibility for coordinating non-emergency transportation for consumers falls on the Human Service Transportation (HST) Office. The goal of the HST office is to provide an efficient and high-quality transportation system that enables access to medical, social, and day services for eligible people across Massachusetts.

In order to implement such a critical and comprehensive program, the HST Office contracts with select Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) to provide brokerage services. MART (Montachusett Regional Transit Authority) and GATRA (Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority) are the two largest transit authorities in Massachusetts that broker this work – combined, they broker approximately 85% of all the work for this service type.

Selected RTAs, like MART and GATRA, are responsible for processing requested trips, both fixed route and demand response, as well as verifying consumer eligibility and monitoring service quality. However, the RTAs do not actually provide the transportation services; instead, they hire qualified transit companies, like Kiessling, that specialize in managing transport programs for organizations and groups that have clients with unique needs and requirements.

At Kiessling Transit, we are very proud to be one of the top providers of HST in the state of Massachusetts and a preferred partner of RTAs, like MART and GATRA. We are grateful to have this opportunity to contribute to the quality of life for eligible consumers of many Massachusetts agencies, including:


Department of Developmental Services

DPH Early Intervention

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Department of Mental Health

Through Kiessling’s HST services, those who would not have had the means before, can now access healthcare services, jobs, social services, and a full range of opportunities within their communities. Everyone in our company, from drivers to maintenance to safety trainers to management, is filled with a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that the work we do every day is helping a special population of people improve their overall well-being.

What Has Made Kiessling Transit One Of The Area’s Top Providers Of Non-Emergency Transportation/HST Services?

We believe that many of the region’s busiest transit authorities have put their trust in us because we consistently meet and exceed the performance standards of both the state of Massachusetts and the RTAs we partner with.

Kiessling is always committed to providing our customers and passengers with:

High-quality, customer-focused transportation

Friendly, professional and safe curb-to-curb service

Caring assistance for those riders who need help with boarding and exiting of vehicles

Efficient, reliable, and on-time transit to facilities including human service programs, medical services, clinical sites, childcare facilities, and day program sites

Clean, comfortable vehicles that are customized for ambulatory and wheelchair passengers’ distinct needs

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance of all vehicles in service to ensure that they are safe and roadworthy

Thoroughly prequalified and highly trained drivers , monitors, supervisors, and dispatchers

The names of staff assigned to each route as well as any scheduled changes to these personnel

A more than adequate supply of back-up vehicles and personnel

Quick and helpful responses to telephone ride requests between the hours of 8a.m. and 5p.m. daily as well as a 24 hour answering system to record messages and to inform passengers of their transportation options available outside of regular service hours

Continual compliance with HST Office, EOHHS, agency-specific and broker standards for transportation services, trip verification, personnel qualifications and performance, field inspections and audit, reporting, record keeping, billing and complaint response

If you are a regional transit authority and/or transportation broker for Non-Emergency and HST services in the state of Massachusetts, across New England, or throughout the U.S., Kiessling Transit would make an exceptional local transportation partner. With over 400 employees and more than 320 vehicles ranging from sedans to CDL vans, we can provide you and the consumers you serve with the most efficient routes possible, maximizing the number of passengers on the vehicle while minimizing passenger in-vehicle time. Our expertise is in keeping the cost of the transportation down while making sure our passengers enjoy the shortest and safest ride possible. Contact us to discuss all your Non-Emergency and HST needs today!

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