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Careers At Kiessling

There is No More Rewarding Work Than Helping Others

Employees at Kiessling Transit have the opportunity every day to make a difference in the lives of people that live and work in their very own communities. By joining our company, you will be part of a 400 plus workforce that serves the transportation needs of children, students, adults, and seniors who would otherwise have no option to get to school, medical appointments, rehab programs, jobs, social opportunities, and more.

As an employee at Kiessling, whether you are applying to be a driver, monitor, or another important role in our company, you can expect to go through an intensive pre-qualification process and an extensive training program. We ensure that you are ready to serve our diverse clientele right from your first day and also provide you with ongoing support throughout your career with us.

At Kiessling, our staff is like an extended family to us and, through our employees, we are able to extend our family values to our customers, our partners, and our passengers. We are also looking for people to join our team who have strong integrity, a great work ethic, and a passion for helping others.

We certainly appreciate your interest in our employment opportunities and look forward to receiving your application. If we feel that you may be qualified for a position, our Human Resources Director will contact you for an interview.

The Hiring Process at Kiessling Transit

Using several state offices and online job posting platforms, Kiessling seeks out new hire candidates on a weekly basis. We have a dedicated on-site recruiter, residing in our Franklin, MA site, who manages career opportunities for all our locations, including openings for drivers, monitors, and office staff. Kiessling runs qualified candidate searches with the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) as well as the Office of Veterans Services. By posting on state-enabled job search websites, such as JobQuest in Massachusetts, we can reach both veterans and everyday citizens seeking employment opportunities in our service areas.

Kiessling employment postings can also be found on a number of national and local websites such as Craigslist,, and Our online recruitment initiatives are an essential part of our successful outreach to all citizens seeking employment opportunities.

Pre-Employment Steps

Before a potential new employee joins our team, they must meet the employment standards set forth by both Kiessling and our customers and fulfill the following pre-employment requirements:

Employment Application

All applicants are required to complete a thorough employment application specific to the position they are applying for. Direct links to our online applications can be found with our Available Positions and posted inside our online hiring advertisements. We have incorporated a series of built-in questionnaires in our applications to help prospective employees better understand all benchmarks that must be met in our hiring process.

Age Requirements

Kiessling Transit follows the age requirement guidelines set forth by a state’s Human Service Transportation Office. However, as a proactive measure, Kiessling has set an internal minimum driver age requirement of 25 years for all our drivers. We have found that increasing the age requirement above what most states mandate gives us a more experienced driver which, in turn, results in less accidents and more reliability.

Driver's License and Identification

All potential drivers must possess a valid state CDL or Class D driver license. A driver’s license from a contiguous state may be permitted for certain contracts. Three years of driving experience is required.

RMV Driving Record

All potential drivers have their license number run through their state’s RMV database so we can review the applicant’s driving history. If an applicant has three or more surchargeable events within the past five years, then we will not hire the individual. Any applicants with one to two surchargeable events in the previous five-year period may be considered for employment based on the discretion of our hiring personnel. All RMV driving records are reviewed carefully for surchargeable events, traffic violations, and other types of offenses.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

All potential candidates must successfully pass a DOT drug screen and alcohol breath test to be considered for employment. We do not hire a candidate who fails either of these pre-employment screenings.

DOT or "Fit for Duty" Physical Exam

All potential new hires must pass a DOT physical examination to be considered for employment. Applicants with pre-existing health conditions may be sent for further evaluation and asked to provide additional documentation from a qualified physician. If an applicant does not pass an examination due to physical or psychological limitations, KTI cannot hire the candidate due to contractual obligations.

CORI/SORI Background Check

All potential employees must have both a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) and a SORI (Sex Offender Record Information) background check run against their legal name, license number, and social security number. Applicants with open court cases on their CORI\SORI cannot be hired. All CORI\SORI records are carefully reviewed by our on-site CORI\SORI administrators.

Available Positions at Kiessling Transit Corporate Headquarters in Franklin, MA

Kiessling Transit is based out of Franklin, MA, and has been providing transportation services for ambulatory and wheelchair passengers since 1970. We have built our reputation by having a team of people just like you – professional, self-motivated and committed to providing the highest level of client service. We offer paid holidays and a family-friendly work environment.

Franklin, MAPart-Time Wheelchair Van DriverJob Description
Franklin, MAPart-Time Van MonitorJob Description

Available Positions at Kiessling Transit Administrative Offices & Training Facility in Franklin, MA

There are no available positions at this time.

Available Positions at Kiessling/MWRTA Operations in Framingham, MA

Kiessling Transit Inc. is the management company for the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) based in Framingham, MA. Through this partnership, Kiessling manages critical transportation services for communities across Massachusetts, including areas of Framingham, Natick, Marlboro, Milford, Hopkinton, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley, Holliston, Sudbury, Hudson, and Ashland, on a set weekly schedule. The Kiessling team takes our role in providing these services very seriously; we are committed to ensuring that passengers receive the support they need all the way through the transportation process, from booking their trip, to being picked up on time, to safely getting them to their destination(s) and home again at the end of their trip.

Framingham, MAMWRTA Demand Response DriverJob Description
Framingham, MAMWRTA Fixed Bus CDL DriverJob Description
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