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Demand Response Transportation Services

Partner With Kiessling To Deliver The Highest Quality & Standards Of Service To All Your Demand Response Consumers

Show us a smooth-running Demand Response (DR) Transportation System, and we’re certain that there are friendly, qualified and knowledgeable people behind its success.

Whether you are a public entity, a nonprofit, or a private provider of ‘by appointment only’ ride services, if you want to run efficiently, cost-effectively, and with unparalleled safety and service, then you must employ a team of highly trained professionals who truly care about providing the highest quality standards to each and every consumer.

If you are like the Kiessling team, you know that any DR transportation system is only as strong as the people that it is built on, including the schedulers who answer your customers’ calls and the drivers who attend to your passengers’ needs.

With nearly 50 years of industry experience, our second generation, family-owned transportation company has become one of the leaders in providing Demand Response services throughout Massachusetts and beyond. We not only have a strong understanding of the unique requirements of this type of service, but, more important, over the many decades we’ve been doing business, we have created a top-notch employee training, accreditation, and oversight program. Utilizing all the advantages that modern technology provides, and having a comprehensive and systematic hiring process in place, helps us attract and retain excellent candidates for any of your transit system needs. Kiessling truly is the industry expert at bringing in the best new employees and training them for success at every stage of the employment process.

Kiessling is contracted with a variety of regional transit authorities, state agencies and local municipalities to transport special needs passengers, including Metrowest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) and Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA). Through these partnerships, Kiessling manages critical transportation services for communities across Massachusetts including: Ashland, Franklin, Framingham, Foxboro, Marlborough, Natick, Norfolk, Southborough, Wayland, Wrentham, and more. The Kiessling team takes our role in providing these services very seriously; we are committed to ensuring that passengers receive the support they need all the way through the transportation process, from booking their trip, to being picked up on time, to safely getting them to their destination(s) and home again at the end of their trip.

From daily trips to and from residences, work sites, and schools, to the occasional ride for medical appointments and social events, our team has vast experience providing transportation services to ambulatory and non-ambulatory consumers with a wide range of disabilities.

Our Team Provides Efficient & Effective Demand Response Transportation Services

When you partner with Kiessling Transit to provide the optimal Demand Response transportation services to your constituents, you are making a choice to work with an industry leader and a highly skilled team that will:

Find the most efficient way to schedule ride requests

Minimize vehicle slack time and improve productivity

Ensure passengers arrive to their appointments safely and on time

Do everything we can to accommodate you and your customers

Use the most up-to-date transportation software and hardware systems

Closely monitor drivers, routing, quality controls, and loss management

Provide stringent driver and staff training

Make any necessary changes to improve service

The Kiessling family has grown this company from a home-based operation with a few employees and vehicles into an industry leader and model for providing Demand Response services. Today, we are not only a family business known for our integrity and transparency, but we are also recognized for our determination to find innovative ways to gain efficiencies and improve performance levels. From our leadership team, to our monitors and dispatchers, to our call takers and schedulers, the driving force behind everything we do is that we aim to provide our customers and passengers with the highest standards of service and safety.

Are You A Ride Provider That Needs Expert Help With Your Demand Response Transit System?

Kiessling is driven to make your Demand Response Transportation Services the model for the industry. To achieve this goal, the Kiessling team will stay focused and attentive to the following principles as we support your operations:

1. The Customer Always Comes First

Every decision we make is based upon how it will affect our relationships with you, our customer, and your passengers. This is not just a management philosophy; this attitude is pervasive company-wide, from drivers and dispatchers, to call takers and schedulers, to customer relations and insurance claims processors.

2. Real People Answer The Phone

There are no hoops to jump through when you need to get an issue resolved or a question answered. We pick up the phone right away, return emails promptly, and respond immediately anytime you need assistance.

3. Our Management Team Is Hands-On

Kiessling is operated directly by its owners, Lars and Roger Kiessling, the sons of the original founders, Carl and Paula Kiessling. They are proactive owners who have done pretty much every job in the company, including driving vehicles, changing tires, and checking oil. Along with a very experienced management team, the Kiesslings will be involved in the day-to-day operations, and, if you ever need to speak with Lars or Roger, all you have to do is call.

4. Always Do The Right Thing

The Kiessling name is on the side of all our vehicles for a reason; we want our customers and our passengers to know who we are and that we are committed to providing a quality product that lives up to our name and the company that Paula and Carl Kiessling built. We believe if you ask any one of our customers to describe Kiessling, they will say we are upfront, honest, and transparent and that we always operate with the highest level of integrity.

5. The Safe Way Is The Best Way

Kiessling is well-known for our strict safety guidelines and industry leading driver training program. We deliver a level of training, accreditation and oversight to our employees that we believe is already far beyond what others provide. Yet, we are constantly pushing ourselves to do even better because safety has always been, and will remain, paramount in everything we do. To this end, we recently joined TRAX Insurance, Ltd, an invite-only insurance captive that caters to only the safest of passenger transportation companies with the lowest insurance claim histories.

We know that you don’t want to disappoint the community or the passengers that are counting on you for their daily rides. We are confident that our team, led by Lars and Roger Kiessling, will facilitate a successful and smooth transition and will provide overall excellent service to all participants.

There are many reasons you could be interested in learning more about Kiessling. Whether you need a knowledgeable partner for a new demand response service or you are looking for a new, more attentive partner for your current demand response transportation routes, our entire team is eager for the opportunity to put our transportation experience to work for you. Contact us today to discuss all your Demand Response Transportation Services needs!

Need A Ride? Information For Demand Response Transportation Services Eligible Passengers

Demand Response is a federally mandated ride-sharing service that was implemented to ensure that disabled individuals and people over the age of 60 years old have equal access to public transportation.

Kiessling Transit is proud to partner with the Metrowest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) and Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) to provide these critical transportation services for communities across Massachusetts including: Ashland, Franklin, Framingham, Foxboro, Marlborough, Natick, Norfolk, Southborough, Wayland, Wrentham, and more. While the passenger sedans and wheelchair accessible vehicles used to provide this service are supplied by the authorities, themselves, the Kiessling team is responsible for ensuring that you receive the support you need all the way through the ride process, from booking your trip, to being picked up on time, to safely getting you to your destination(s) and home again at the end of your trip.

As a potential passenger, the first thing to understand is whether you are eligible to take advantage of Demand Response ride services offered in your community, such as Dial-A-Ride.

Qualified individuals for this type of curb-to-curb transportation service will be individuals who:

Have a disability that limits one major life function and you cannot, because of this disability, use public transportation

Have a disability and associated conditions and thus you are not able to use public fixed-route transportation

Are age 60 or older

If you need assistance to and from the vehicle, you may bring an aide. An aide must be acting as a personal care assistant (PCA to ride for free), and must have the same origin and destination as the scheduled passenger.

At Kiessling, we know that public transportation demand response services, such as Dial-a-Ride, give qualified individuals like you a real sense of freedom. Our team is passionate about helping you keep your important medical appointments, run essential errands, and get you where you need to go, anywhere in Massachusetts, safely and efficiently.

Kiessling Transit's Fleet - Four Vehicles in Parking Lot

Easily Schedule a Ride

Once you’re eligible, scheduling a ride for yourself or someone in your care is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Call the office in your area

Please have your trip information ready when you call, including exact address and requested travel times. You can reserve your ride as much as two weeks in advance of your trip or you can schedule an appointment as late as 4:00 p.m. the day before the trip.
GATRA service area: (800) 698-7676
MWRTA service area: (508) 820-4650

Step 2: Receive a confirmation call

The night before your ride, we will call you to confirm all your booking details, including trip times. If you need to cancel your ride, please call the office in your area. If you do need to cancel or reschedule your trip, please provide at least one hour notice prior to your scheduled pick-up time; otherwise, we have to consider you a no-show for your ride and will not be able to send a vehicle out for this same trip.

Step 3: Please be ready for pick-up

Step 3. Please be ready for pick-up. Your ride may arrive between 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. If you are not ready when your vehicle arrives, our drivers will do our best to accommodate your needs without interfering with the rest of the day’s schedule. Unfortunately, this means that we generally cannot wait more than 5 minutes for any individual passenger to show up for their ride.

Everything We Do Is Driven By You.