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At Kiessling Transit, we are committed to providing every transportation program and transit management project with the highest level of customer care, as well as unparalleled quality, safety and reliability of service. Each group and agency we serve has a unique set of requirements, and their passengers have varying transportation-related needs. We embrace these differences and are proud to be able to consistently exceed our customers’ and passengers’ expectations as well as meet their goals.

How do we do this? It starts with our five-pronged approach – what we call Kiessling’s Five Golden Principles – that guide every relationship we have. Located on this page, you will find real stories from our customers, our partners, and our employees, who will share more about the principles that drive our entire team, not only at work, but also in our daily lives.

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The Customer Always Comes First

Since our inception in 1970, one mission has remained constant: to do everything we can to accommodate our passengers and our customers. This is not just a management philosophy; this attitude is on display company-wide, from drivers and dispatchers, to call takers and schedulers, to customer relations and insurance claims processors. Our dedication to customer service is the driving force behind everything we do at Kiessling Transit and is just one of the many reasons our company has become the model transportation firm in the area.

This Real Story features Dave Drucker, Assistant Vice President, Student Life & Dean of Students, Dean College. The college hired Kiessling Transit to provide a campus shuttle program which enables students to get off campus and take advantage of the many retail, restaurant, and entertainment offerings in the Franklin area. Shuttles to Patriot Place or to the Wrentham outlets are also available on the weekend and, during winter recess and spring break, Kiessling provides shuttles to major transportation hubs like Logan Airport in Boston, MA and the Amtrak Station in Providence, RI.

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Emphasis on Safety

Kiessling Transit is proud of our reputation for adhering to the strictest guidelines to ensure safe transportation for all of our passengers. Our benchmark driver education program, which is designed to carefully screen, thoroughly train, and continuously monitor and retrain our employees on the industry’s best practices, sets us apart from our competition. But, you don’t have to just take our word about our safety record; we recently joined an insurance captive, TRAX Insurance, Ltd., which is an invite-only group that caters to the safest passenger transport companies who have excellent insurance claim histories.

This Real Story features Lenny Scarano, Manager of Safety, Kiessling Transit, Inc. As safety manager, one of Lenny’s most important roles is the training of new hires on everything from Defensive Driving Skills, to Lifting and Boarding Procedures, to First Aid, CPR, and AED Usage, to Passenger Assistance and Sensitivity, and much more. This comprehensive training, retraining and monitoring program ensures that each and every candidate for employment is equipped with the knowledge and skills that will make them successful in their Kiessling role.

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Hands-On Management

Our owners, Lars and Roger Kiessling, who are the sons of the founders, Paul and Carl Kiessling, manage the day-to-day operations of the company. Following in their parents’ footsteps, Lars and Roger have taken an extremely proactive approach to management, staying involved in all aspects of the company and readily available with answers to any questions or concerns from employees, passengers or customers. While other transportation companies have a reputation for unstable management teams, which can cause headaches for transit administrators, Kiessling’s retention rate for managers is the highest in the area. Collectively, our top managers have worked at the company for over 150 years and, together, we have more than 200 years of transportation experience.

This Real Story features Edward J. Carr, Administrator for MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA). For the past four years, MWRTA has partnered with Kiessling Transit to provide both Fixed Route and Demand Response services to fifteen communities in the MetroWest area. The clientele that utilize these services is quite broad, ranging from daily commuters to students to the homeless. A Dial-A-Ride service also provides transit for the elderly and/or disabled. For the past 10 years, MWRTA and Kiessling have partnered to make public transportation available, accessible, reliable, and safe for everyone in the community that needs it.

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Integrity & Family Values

While our company has grown, and continues to expand, we always want to remain true to the family atmosphere created by our founders, Carl and Paula Kiessling. We value and respect each and every employee, customer and passenger that we do business with. The Kiessling family name is on every vehicle we own because we are genuinely proud of the quality product we provide and the honesty, transparency, and integrity with which we run our business.

This Real Story features Lars Kiessling, CEO, and Roger Kiessling, COO, Kiessling Transit, Inc. Their parents, Carl and Paula, founded the company in 1970 and originally called it Kiessling School Transportation. They started with just three employees and two vehicles and their primary goal was to provide safe and reliable transit for school children with special needs. Today, Kiessling has 400 plus employees and there are more than 320 vehicles in our fleet. However, even though the company has grown exponentially through leadership and innovation in the industry, and will continue to expand in the future, Lars and Roger strive to always maintain a familial atmosphere in the workplace and focus on relationship-building with their customers, partners and passengers.

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Local Expertise

Among the area’s transit authorities, colleges and universities, and other groups or organizations requiring specialized transportation services in Massachusetts and beyond, Kiessling is recognized as a top transit management company. Our team has extensive local knowledge and the expertise required to make any operation, route, or program run smoothly. We live in the communities we serve, and many of our customers and passengers are our neighbors, which is one of many reasons why we are so committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, focus and attention, and a high-quality rider experience. Most important, our team will get to know you personally, and it will be these real people that will drive your vehicle, answer the phone, return emails promptly and respond immediately to any concerns.

This Real Story features Angela Penny, Regional Director of Marketing, Landmark Management Solutions, which manages and operates the Saint Francis Adult Day Health Program. Landmark hired Kiessling Transit to provide door-to-door ride services for participants in the Day Health Program, whose average age ranges from 50 to 98 years old. The service Kiessling provides includes at-home pick-up, assisting passengers from their door into the vehicle, driving them to the Adult Day Health Program, helping them off the van and into the facility, curbside pick-up at the end of the day, and drop-off at the participants’ homes. Kiessling’s highly trained, professional, and caring drivers are the key to making this process run so smoothly day in and day out.

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