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Airport Shuttle Services

Kiessling Will Provide Excellence in Service and Safety For All Your Fixed Route Transportation Needs

For a local community and its residents, businesses, and visitors, the impact of a well-run Fixed Route (FR) Transportation System can be enormous.

A high quality public transit service allows people access to their jobs, to child care centers and schools, to friends and family, to medical appointments, and to both important and nonessential activities that may have been beyond their reach previously. In addition to providing many people with more mobility and freedom at an affordable price, this type of transportation system can bolster economic opportunities, drive community growth and revitalization, and can be good for the environment by reducing gasoline consumption and carbon footprint. Last but not least, fixed route bus, paratransit, and shuttle services provide a safer, easier, and more dependable way to get around, so no matter where a passenger is going, they are able to arrive at their destination on time and hopefully much more relaxed.

However, as any transportation company knows, a fixed route transportation system can be a significant infrastructure investment for towns and a very complex service to manage. From carefully planning timetables and developing schedules, to designating routes and stops that meet the needs of passengers, to constantly enhancing and modifying fixed route services, it’s a massive challenge to ensure that each trip will always go smoothly.

At Kiessling, we have a deep understanding of the responsibilities and the expectations that come along with providing Fixed Route Transportation because it has developed into one of our primary areas of transportation management expertise.

Since 1970, we have been operating safe, reliable, and cost-effective fixed route transportation services for our transit authority partners, such as Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) and Metrowest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA), and their passengers. For several decades, our team’s energy, skill and knowledge have been focused on continuously expanding this area of our transit management solutions, so that we could become what we are today – a leader in providing superior fixed route transportation services to large and small transit companies throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

On a daily basis, the professional management team at Kiessling oversees hundreds of routes covering a wide area of Massachusetts, from the North Shore of Boston, to west of Worcester, south to Uxbridge, southeast to New Bedford, and everywhere in between. With 400 plus employees in our workforce and a fleet of over 320 vehicles, that range from sedans to CDL buses, we can be as versatile as any other company in our industry. We are extremely proud of the reputation we’ve built across the region for offering the highest levels of service and having the ability to provide consistent quality across a widespread territory.

We provide a fully-equipped team of professionals

To ensure that your fixed route bus, paratransit, and shuttle services operate efficiently, we will provide a team of Kiessling employees dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of your system and the communities you serve, which may include:



Road supervisors




Maintenance staff

Administrative personnel

Are You A Ride Provider That Needs Expert Help With Your Demand Response Transit System?

Kiessling is driven to make your Fixed Route Transportation Services the model for the industry. To achieve this goal, the Kiessling team will stay focused and attentive to the following principles as we support your operations:

1. The Customer Always Comes First

Every decision we make is based upon how it will affect our relationships with you, our customer, and your passengers. This is not just a management philosophy; this attitude is pervasive company-wide, from drivers and dispatchers, to call takers and schedulers, to customer relations and insurance claims processors.

2. Real People Answer The Phone

There are no hoops to jump through when you need to get an issue resolved or a question answered. We pick up the phone right away, return emails promptly, and respond immediately anytime you need assistance.

3. Our Management Team Is Hands-On

Kiessling is operated directly by its owners, Lars and Roger Kiessling, the sons of the original founders, Carl and Paula Kiessling. They are proactive owners who have done pretty much every job in the company, including driving trucks, changing tires, and checking oil. Along with a very experienced management team, the Kiesslings will be involved in the day-to-day operations, and, if you ever need to speak with Lars or Roger, all you have to do is call.

4. Always Do The Right Thing

The Kiessling name is on the side of all our vehicles for a reason; we want our customers and our passengers to know who we are and that we are committed to providing a quality product that lives up to our name and the company that Paula and Carl Kiessling built. We believe if you ask any one of our customers to describe Kiessling, they will say we are upfront, honest, and transparent and that we always operate with the highest level of integrity.

5. The Safe Way Is The Best Way

Kiessling is well-known for our strict safety guidelines and industry leading driver training program. We deliver a level of training, accreditation and oversight to our employees that we believe is already far beyond what others provide. Yet, we are constantly pushing ourselves to do even better because safety has always been, and will remain, paramount in everything we do. To this end, we recently joined TRAX Insurance, Ltd, an invite-only insurance captive that caters to only the safest of passenger transportation companies with the lowest insurance claim histories.

It can be daunting to launch a new fixed route transportation service or to know where to start to raise the standards on a current fixed route transit system. Above all, we understand that you don’t want to disappoint the community or the passengers that are counting on you for their daily rides. By choosing to work with the Kiessling team, you can be confident that we will facilitate a successful and smooth transition and will provide overall excellent service to all participants from day one through the duration of our contract.

There are many reasons you could be interested in learning more about Kiessling. Whether you need a knowledgeable partner for a new fixed route service or you are looking for a new, more attentive partner for your current fixed route transportation system, our entire team is eager for the opportunity to put our transportation experience to work for you. Contact us today to discuss all your Fixed Route Transportation Services needs!

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