Kiessling Transit Lightning Hybrid Vehicle

Kiessling Transit Lightning Hybrid Vehicle

Kiessling Launching Hybrid Fleet in Massachusetts
Kiessling Transit purchased a pilot vehicle equipped with the hybrid system through Lightning Hybrids’ Boston-based dealer, National Fleet Hybrids, in 2013. The pilot vehicle’s fuel consumption was closely monitored during the pilot program. The results, logged through Lightning Hybrids’ telematics systems and confirmed through Kiessling’s fuel logs, revealed a significant improvement in fuel economy and emissions. Driver feedback also confirmed vehicle performance benefits. Kiessling Transit will use the hybrid vehicles to transport primarily urban area Massachusetts residents with disabilities. The company is based in Norfolk, Massachusetts, and currently contracts with regional transit authorities, state agencies and local municipalities to transport passengers throughout the state.

“Kiessling Transit is excited to incorporate vehicles with Lightning Hybrids’ technology into our fleet. We are pleased with the results of the pilot program, which proved a fuel economy gain of around 30 percent all year, and we look forward to seeing the positive results continue on a much larger scale,” said Roger Kiessling, chief operations officer, Kiessling Transit. “Our company is focused on providing the most efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly transportation to the areas we serve, and the Lightning Hybrids system supports this goal.”

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